River Place on the Clinch, 2788 Highway 70, Kyles Ford, TN 37765
phone/fax:(423) 733-4400  toll free:(877) 483-7211 [map]
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Learning Resources

Learning Resources

We appreciate your interest and hope you'll have a meaningful and rewarding experience at Kyles Ford. Here are a few online resources to prepare for your visit to the Kyles Ford Preserve:

Wilderness Road

The Wilderness Road Online Classroom »

(For use with the Clinch-Powell RC&D's Wilderness Road CD-Rom)
Check out videos and sound files from the Wilderness Road CD-Rom in the Media Gallery »

Clinch-Powell RC&D Youth Environmental Educational Programs »

Includes Appalachia Cares/ AmeriCorps, Water Wizards, Conservation Camp, and Envirothon.

Watch out for the mussels!

Take an Online Awareness Course »

By staying at River Place on the Clinch, your vacation will help fund and expand habitat conservation efforts in this precious hotspot of biodiversity that is the Kyles Ford Preserve. You will also help us maintain and continue to improve this protected habitat and its species by remembering to Tread Lightly (impact awareness program courtesy of the USDA Forest Service).